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“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”


Reading the Signs

When it comes to addressing risk factors to your health such as obesity,
high cholesterol, and prediabetes, we believe just as our founding father did. Conditions like
these, if left unaddressed, can silently turn into much bigger and dangerous
chronic conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. that
can seriously impact your quality of life. The smart thing to do here is to take this
‘wake up call’ and make changes that can help bring these health markers
down to a healthy range and keep them there

Rejecting the Stigma

Health issues like being Overweight or Obese, and High cholesterol often fly
under the radar, leaving affected people to suffer in isolation due to the stigma attached to these
conditions. This is where we come in to help identify positive changes, and
ease your challenges with a personalized continuum of care, tailored specifically to you.

What We Care For


You And Your Journey

We understand your health profile, including all the modifiable risk factors you may have that can increase your risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Building Coordinated, Collaborative Care

We customize the app features to guide you to achieve your health goals. You can start tracking vitals, medications, food, and exercise along with access to content like articles, factsheets and videos personalized to your concerns.

Putting Together
The Big Picture

You are assigned a care team comprised of nutrition and health experts who help you set realistic and achiveable health goals. They customize their support to your health needs, hand hold you, and tweak your program as they become more familiar with your lifestyle through continuous communication and monitoring all the metrics you track in the app. The digital health assistant also provides mindful nudges and insights into your health and habits.

Personalizing The Approach To You

Through regular check-ins and health related questionnaires on your symptoms and other metrics we ensure that you stay on top of any onset of disease or its progression. Weekly health reports that include metrics on your medication adherence, symptoms, food with macro and micro nutrients, vitals, and exercise along with a care team reviewing all of this in the backend, we enable you, your physician, and us to connect the dots so that you can take proactive steps to prevent disease.