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Lack of Awareness Impact on Delays and Cancellation


Apprx. 30% of patient no- shows cost the healthcare industry $150 billion a year.

No-shows and late cancellations can have a greater impact on GI practices than in other medical specialties due to the prep time required for the GI procedures. For a primary care physician, each missed appointment equals roughly $150-$200 in lost revenue. For surgeons, this is closer to $500.

Automatically triggering the right communication at the right time, Creda Health’s Patient Engagement Platform guides your patients through a premium care experience.

Studies show the impact of reinforced education by telephone or short message service (SMS) leads to:


Reduction in same- day cancellations


Reduction in no- shows

End-to-end patient engagement platform
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Let us transform the way you interact with and
educate your patients

Comprehensive platform of solutions

Design patient engagement strategy.

Customizable content

Proven modules tailored to your patient needs.

Scalable platform

Handle a growing no. of users. Quickly and easily provision additional computing and storage resources on demand.

Actionable reporting

Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize patient satisfaction.

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Do your patients have questions about their procedures?

Our educational materials explain patient’s GI condition and how it can be managed.

Well-informed patient can significantly reduce your costs due to last minute cancellations.

We aim for easing the process involved in prepping & to achieve a successful procedure.

Case Study

The “Center for Advanced GI” is a Group Gastroenterology Practice in Central Florida specializing in Gastrointestinal,
Diseases and liver disease. The clinic provides GI Consultations and Diagnostic Procedures for the Upper and
Lower Gastrointestinal. Tract and the liver, such as Colonoscopy, Colon Screening, Upper Endoscopy,
Capsule Endoscopy, Destruction of Internal Hemorrhoids, and Liver Biopsy.

Jan & Feb Average Procedures Done - 740
Total SMS sent - 6777
Calls made - 180
SMS Success Rate - over 94%

(SMS + VM)
Patient Turn Around
Cancellations reduced

Outreach % (SMS + VM)

Adherence/Patient Turn Around

0-2 days cancellations reduced

Our Ready to Implement
Engagement Modules

At Creda, we are changing patient-centered care outside of traditional settings by empowering your
patients with the right information at the right time. We provide patient friendly and timely instructions and reminders.


Improve the patient experience and ensure that patients are well-informed and prepared for their procedure with clear day-wise instructions.


Designed to provide patients with the necessary information and support to ensure a smooth recovery and minimize the risk of complications following their procedure.

We work hard to fill the gaps in your
healthcare landscape.

90% Rattings


90% of patients surveyed said they
were pleased with
our educational emails
about their procedure.



90% of clinic staff surveyed said they
were pleased with the patient turnaround and
their preparedness.

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Creda for Clinics

Creda Health’s “Patient Engagement solution” provides GI clinics with a comprehensive solution for engaging patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Creda offers a suite of services that include patient education, reminder notifications, and personalized communication modules. The ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes by helping patients become more involved in their own care and treatment, leading to better adherence to treatment plans, improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs.

Creda also provides analytics and reports that allow healthcare organizations to track patient engagement and monitor their progress. These services help clinics build better relationships with their patients, leading to increased trust and satisfaction.