What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

September 16, 2022by Health Desk

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of psychotherapy involving a trained counselor, therapist or psychiatrist who uses a specific strategic approach and process. A form of talk therapy, CBT helps a person become more aware of their negative or false thinking. With awareness, a person learns ways to alter their thinking processes and respond to situations more clearly and effectively.

CBT is useful in treating a wide range of psychological issues. Its therapy techniques are beneficial because they are quick, efficient and help a patient get to the bottom of their negative thought processes. CBT can help in addressing many different mental and emotional struggles. For example, CBT may be helpful when experiencing:

  • Mental health issues
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Chronic physical symptoms or conditions
  • History of mental, emotional or physical abuse or violence
  • Bereavement or other major loss

How to know if CBT is right for you

If you are looking for a therapy that is short-term and will help uncover your core issue(s), then CBT may be just what you are looking for. Treatment consists of 8-16 sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes each. It is goal-oriented – a client chooses one or more goals to address during the therapy process. The motivation is a client will hopefully see progress towards fulling their goal(s) in a short period of time.

How Creda Health users can benefit

People with full-time jobs can benefit from CBT with its short and effective treatment period versus a therapy process that requires a long-term commitment. Another benefit to Creda Health users is its effectiveness for people experiencing high anxiety due to their chronic health condition or mental health issues.

If you believe this type of therapy may benefit you, please reach out to your primary care provider to discuss next steps.