What does the DASH Diet Have to Do with High Blood Pressure?

November 8, 2021by Health Desk

Understand how diet affects high blood pressure and heart disease, and how you can address it with the DASH Diet.

Are you wondering which diet plan is best for you to lower high blood pressure, have good health, and help prevent other common non-communicable diseases?

Dietary choices contribute to both the risk of developing high blood pressure and complications from uncontrolled high blood pressure. Complications include heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Understanding the roles that foods and essential nutrients play in health and disease is continually growing. Evidence-based diets, such as the Mediterranean Diet and DASH Diet have proven effective in reducing disease risk.

DASH Diet derives its name from the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension study. This study evaluated the influence of dietary patterns on blood pressure. There were significantly greater reductions in blood pressure in the patients on DASH Diet versus the patients who consumed a control diet that was similar in composition to a typical American diet. In addition, DASH Diet can lower bad cholesterol, known as low density lipoprotein cholesterol. Elevated bad cholesterol level and high blood pressure are both risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

DASH Diet plan is rich in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy. It also includes a reduced amount of saturated and total fat.

The number of servings is based on your daily calorie needs.

Below are the recommended servings from each food group for a 2,000-calories-a-day DASH Diet.

DASH Diet Plan: Dietary component and recommended servings


Recommended daily salt intake – 2,300 mg or 1 tsp

DASH Diet is easy to follow, and is a balanced eating plan that helps create a heart-healthy eating style for life.

Work on your diet in collaboration with your doctor. Your doctor might modify your diet depending on any complications, comorbidities (multiple conditions) or medications you are taking.