Crohn’s Disease Activity: The 4 Stages

September 28, 2021by Health Desk

Crohn’s Disease Activity


  • Periods when inflammation is
  • No symptoms
  • Achieved either spontaneously or
    after medical and/or surgical

Mild Crohn’s Disease

  • Able to walk around and not be
  • Can tolerate an oral diet
  • Weight loss under 10%
  • No symptoms of systemic disease,
    such as fever or abdominal
  • No symptoms of obstruction, such as
    nausea or vomiting

Moderate to Severe Crohn’s Disease

  • Symptoms can include fever, weight loss, abdominal pain and tenderness, intermittent nausea and vomiting

Severe Fulminant Disease

  • Symptoms persist despite medications
  • Symptoms may include high fever, persistent vomiting, inability to pass stools or extreme weight loss